Auto Paint Shop

Kilkeary Auto Body has a top-of-the-line paint shop for cars that are being repaired and restored, that require a new paint job or have dings, dents, and scratches. We have every paint color available and can match any color to your car.

To keep your vehicle looking like new, we use the Glasurit® 90-Line from BASF. This paint is used for high-quality automotive refinishing and is also good for the environment, emitting fewer volatile compounds than similar products. Along with our commitment to cleaner air, we also appreciate Glasurit’s odorless waterborne technology, which is a clear alternative to regular ozone-penetrating solvents. We have found that this refinishing paint is superior to any other product on the market, and Kilkeary’s only uses the best to restore your car’s appearance.

Use a Certified Vehicle Paint Shop

Kilkeary’s has perfected a system that ensures your vehicle will look great after refinishing. Our downdraft booths are designed to work with the right amount of insulation, airflow, and heat so that your vehicle is refinished properly.

First, the paint we use is sprayed on your vehicle and baked at 150ºF, ensuring maximum quality using our top-of-the-line Spray-Bake Downdraft refinishing system. This system is a controlled environment, which eliminates all dirt. Once the paint is applied, it’s cured or dried in about 30 minutes. Your vehicle will have the same smooth, glossy look as it did when you drove it off the lot.

How Do I Keep My Car Looking Like New?

After Kilkeary’s has refinished your car, truck, or SUV with Glasurit® waterborne paint, you can keep it looking like new with these simple tips for the first 30 days:

  • Do NOT get your car washed at a commercial car wash. Only wash it by hand.
  • In the winter, wash it with warm water. In the summer, wash it with cold water, and be sure that the car is in the shade.
  • Only wash the vehicle with water. Do not use car wash cleaners. Don’t wax or polish your car.
  • Wipe off water spots with a soft cloth.
  • Park in clear areas—stay away from trees and areas with smoke or other airborne pollutants.
  • Avoid areas with very high or very low temperatures.
  • Gravel roads can damage your new paint. Drive on paved roads only.
  • Remove road salt often during the winter.

Your car’s paint is applied by Kilkeary’s experienced technicians, and all of our paint products have a lifetime written warranty. Whether you’re completely changing your car’s color, or you’re fixing some bumps or chips, your vehicle will look like new.