Jaguar Land Rover quality doesn’t stop at the end of the production line, Jaguar Land Rover established the Jaguar Land Rover Authorized Aluminum Repair Network, so you know you’re getting repair work worthy of carrying the Jaguar Land Rover name. As a certified shop, we have gone through exclusive training to meet Jaguar Land Rover standards and are staffed with certified technicians and equipped with Land Rover tested and approved tools and equipment.

Only Authorized Aluminum Repair Network shops have access to genuine Jaguar Land Rover aluminum repair parts that carry a Jaguar Land Rover parts limited warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting the parts and service your Jaguar Land Rover requires to stay in optimal condition. Repairs performed by unauthorized repair shops may compromise the integrity of your Land Rover vehicle, reducing its value.
Jaguar Land Rover does not recommend or encourage collision repairs outside the authorized and trained Authorized Aluminum Repair Network. This includes windshield replacement and any repairs todings and dents.

Full-Performance Program for All Vehicles

Kilkeary’s believes that treating our customers and their cars with care and respect. That’s the foundation of our business. We offer towing services, 24/7 emergency service, rental car concierge service, pick-up and delivery service, and complete insurance claims handling. Call us today for Jaguar Land Rover collision repair.

Jaguar Land Rover is a company that brings together two much loved, highly prestigious British car brands, with memorable vehicles and innovative technologies that add to a long-lasting legacy