Independent BMW Auto Body Repair

If your BMW has been an accident, you need professional collision repair that will restore your BMW car or SUV to its original condition. Kilkeary’s Auto Body is an approved auto body repair facility that can transform your vehicle to perform and look like new, using only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.

BMWs Deserve the Best in Collision Repair
There’s a reason why a BMW is called the “ultimate driving machine.” The company combines innovation, technology, and the best driving experience available when they engineer cars and SUVs worthy of the BMW name.

If your BMW is in an accident, you will need a luxury collision repair program that uses highly trained technicians. Returning your BMW to its pre-accident, original condition is important not only for your car’s legendary performance but also for safety reasons. A BMW has a complex structure and precise parts that should only be fixed by a technician with the proper training and experience. Kilkeary’s skilled technicians have been trained to restore your BMW according to a very strict set of standards, and we only use Original BMW parts. We are also a trusted auto body and repair provider for several car dealerships in the area and use high-end factory approved equipment for restoration. Our equipment includes a high-grade frame system, spot welders, high-performance paint booths, and a bench system for aluminum repairs.

Restoring Your BMW
Kilkeary’s Auto Body believes that every vehicle is not only restored and serviced to its pre-collision condition, but to its original “like new” condition. We use high-quality, advanced equipment that makes collision repair truly professional. Your vehicle is in good hands because we’re trained to service BMWs to their original performance.

All technicians at Kilkeary’s Auto Body have been trained in BMW collision procedures. We understand the newest BMW manufacturing concepts, which require dedicated tools and repair processes. If not followed precisely, it could result in damage to your vehicle. You and your passengers will have peace of mind, since we adhere to all BMW safety standards—from parts to structure, to training.

Kilkeary Customer Service
Our customer service is tailored to our luxury collision repair program for all BMW models. We offer towing and 24/7 emergency service, a repair specialist program that will work with your insurance company, a pick-up and delivery program, rental car concierge service, and an asset protection recovery program.

Kilkeary’s is much more than just a body shop. We know that you put your trust in us to repair your BMW, and we use all required Original BMW parts, follow all mandated procedures, and have trained technicians ready to restore your BMW so that you can enjoy your Ultimate Driving Machine once again. Call us today to learn more about our independent BMW repair service preferred by Rahal Automotive and other area dealers.