Kia Auto Body Repair


If your Kia vehicle has been in involved in an accident, you’ll want to get it repaired at a facility that provides the most experienced technicians, OEM parts, and superior customer service. Kilkeary’s Auto Body offers advanced collision repair services for Kia owners and will restore your vehicle while helping you navigate the repair, insurance, and rental processes.

Experienced Technicians for KIA Repair Services

We can repair your Kia to its pre-accident condition, and more importantly, we can restore it so that it’s back to its safest point—when you drove it off the dealership lot. The advanced technology that modern car manufacturers use, as well as the high-quality materials that have been developed over the last decade, have made cars very safe. After a collision, you and your passengers should be assured that your Kia’s original safety standards have been completely restored and that your ride is secure.

Kilkeary’s Auto Body technicians, trained in I-Car collision standards, are also experienced in all advanced equipment in our state-of-the-art facility. They understand the engineering in KIA vehicles and how to restore these cars to the original condition. In fact, because of our technicians’ standard of excellence, we are a trusted repair facility for many of the car dealerships in Washington County and the surrounding area.

Retain Your Car’s Resell Value

We understand that you want your vehicle restored so that it retains its resell value. With our skilled mechanics, hi-tech equipment, and OEM parts, we will be able to maintain your car’s resell value, whether you have a Sorento, Sedona, Soul, Optima, or other Kia vehicle. We will also be able to keep your vehicle’s repair time to a minimum.

Kilkeary’s Auto Body customer service is second to none. We offer emergency service, towing, insurance claim handling, car rentals, asset protection recovery, and pick up and delivery service. Call us today to repair your Kia vehicle.