BMW Approved Auto Body Repair
Subject: Aluminum Body Tools

Model: E60

SITUATION: The E60 utilizes a new design concept of manufacturing the entire front section of the unitized body completely from aluminum. Aluminum is strong, durable and lightweight and enhances vehicle performance.

Should an E60 encounter body or structural damage, a technician trained in aluminum repair techniques with dedicated tools be required to perform the repair work? There are no alternatives to dedicated tools and repair procedures.

Repairs on the aluminum front end are based on “cold bonding techniques” which utilize cementing and riveting. Aluminum welding is not performed. It is imperative that the specifications and the procedures defined in the repair manual are closely followed. Failure to follow the procedures and use dedicated tools will result in corrosion damage to the vehicle.

The technician performing the work must be properly trained by BMW. Refer to SI B03 03 03 for information on “E60 GRAV repair-course number SB 011″. The necessary repair work may be performed in any center’s body shop provided an aluminum work bay (stationary or mobile) is available.