Certified Mercedes-Benz Auto Body Repair


A Mercedes-Benz is the pinnacle of vehicle quality, and when you need repair services for this luxury car, you should only go to a collision repair shop that has earned a spot in the Mercedes-Benz Collision Certification program, like Kilkeary’s Auto Body.

The safety features and construction of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle are its hallmarks. Then your car is being restored to its pre-accident condition, it should only be done by a shop that has the necessary training, tools, equipment, facilities, and customer care concerns.

Why Use Kilkeary’s Auto Body for Mercedes-Benz Repairs?

When a car is in a collision, it must not only be repaired to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that it looks like new, but the auto body shop must also follow all applicable procedures to guarantee a safe car that will protect its occupants if there is a subsequent collision.

Mercedes-Benz’s repair certification process is rigorous and focused on maintaining the quality of these vehicles. We use only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, and we’re recognized as repair and restoration experts by the automotive community. Kilkeary’s is also one of the trusted partners with several of the car dealerships in our area.

While you can get your Benz repaired at any location, your Mercedes-Benz New Car Limited Warranty remains in place only if the car’s repairs are performed in accordance with this manufacturer’s specified repair procedures. Kilkeary Auto Body has the tools, parts, training, and facility required by Mercedes-Benz to restore your car—and we ensure your warranty remains valid.

Using a Mercedes-Benz certified collision repair facility also means that your resale value remains high if you choose to sell or trade in your vehicle one day. Since we use only high-end factory approved equipment for restoration, you can be assured that your vehicle will be worth just as much repaired as it was when you drove it off the lot.

Full-Performance Program for All Vehicles

Kilkeary’s believes that treating our customers and their cars with care and respect. That’s the foundation of our business. We offer towing services, 24/7 emergency service, rental car concierge service, pick-up and delivery service, and complete insurance claims handling. Call us today for Mercedes-Benz collision repair.