Certified Volvo Auto Body Repair


Volvo’s core values of quality and safety through superior engineering are well known in the automotive industry. After a collision, we want Volvo drivers to be satisfied by the quality of their repairs and to know that their car, one of the safest vehicles manufactured today, is still just as safe after repairs.

Kilkeary’s Meets All of Volvo’s Certification Requirements

Volvo retailers in the Pittsburgh area will likely point in Kilkeary’s direction if you ask for their help finding a certified auto body shop. We’re a trusted partner with many local dealerships because we have a state-of-the-art facility, use only Genuine Volvo parts, and meet the strict repair standards that will restore your Volvo to a safe, reliable vehicle once again.

It’s your choice where to take your Volvo for repair and restoration following a collision. However, remember that taking your car to a certified Volvo Body & Paint Service Center like Kilkeary’s protects your car’s warranty, returns your car to its original appearance and performance, and restores your vehicle’s renowned safety standards to its pre-accident condition.

Volvo Safety Standard Experts

You can protect your car’s original warranty by using a certified Volvo Body & Paint Service Center like Kilkeary Auto Body. Our highly trained technicians use only Genuine Volvo parts, which are designed to guarantee Volvo’s trademark safety features. Kilkeary’s has invested in high-quality equipment that our technicians use to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Our staff remains current on all repair standards and have years of experience repairing these vehicles. Don’t trust your Volvo to just anyone!

As a part of the full-service program that Kilkeary’s offers to all customers, we provide 24/7 emergency service, towing, an insurance company liaison, and a rental car concierge service for alternate transportation. Call Kilkeary Auto Body today for certified repair service that’s performed by Volvo specialists.